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Why wool?

Our choice for wool

As a parent you naturally want the best for your child. You want to make the right choices. You want a comfortable baby. A baby that feels good. Because a relaxed little one is worth gold. Wool can be magical in that...

Wool has unique properties. Properties that offer much more comfort to your child than synthetic materials.

  1. Insulating effect : Wool is known for its special insulating properties. Air is retained due to the structure in the wool hairs. This air conducts poorly, so the wool helps to regulate its own temperature. It keeps your little one cool when it's hot and warm when the environment is cooler.
  2. Breathability : Unlike synthetic materials, wool is breathable. This means that it absorbs and removes moisture, leaving the skin dry. Important of course for babies, because it helps prevent diaper rash and other skin problems.
  3. Natural texture : Wool feels soft on the skin of babies and children. It is hypoallergenic, has a calming effect, promotes sleep and supports the body's self-healing capacity. Perfect for soft, sensitive baby skin.
  4. Durability : Wool lasts a long time and is therefore a sustainable choice, even after frequent use. The antibacterial effect of wool neutralizes odors, meaning it needs to be washed less. Airing is often sufficient to keep the wool fresh.
  5. Environmentally friendly : Wool is a renewable and biodegradable raw material. By choosing wool you contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce the ecological footprint.
  6. Protective : Wool blocks a lot of UV radiation and is fire-resistant. When wool fibers come into contact with fire, a flame quickly extinguishes. Wool does not melt and therefore does not stick to the skin. A safe choice!

Whether it's wool onesies, sleeping bags or blankets, using wool for babies and children ensures a comfortable and relaxed little one.

That is why we at Kico only focus on the finest woolen products. For you and your little one. Comfort and relaxation. With a nice Kico touch!