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About us

Wool is magical..

That's right: magical. Not dusty, irritable, too hot or old-fashioned.


Did we always think that?

No definitely not. But that all changed with the arrival of our little man.

And we've been sharing it ever since. First in a small circle. And now with Kico!

But what exactly is the magic about...

The magic of wool #1

Ultimate comfort

1. Wool is insulating. It keeps your little one at just the right temperature. Not too hot and not too cold.

2. Wool is breathable. It does not become clammy or moist and therefore remains nice and soft on the skin.

3. Wool is beneficial. It soothes, promotes sleep, is hypoallergenic and supports the body's self-healing capacity.

The magic of wool #2


4. Wool is sustainable. It lasts a very long time and is of course degradable. Maximum durability.

5. Wool is antibacterial. It neutralizes odors, so it requires little washing to stay fresh.

6. Wool is protective. It blocks a lot of UV radiation and is even fire-resistant.

Now you tell me:

Isn't that magical ?