Create the perfect sleeping environment for you and your family with our collection of high-quality woolen sleep products. From luxurious woolen mattress toppers to warm woolen sleeping bags and muslin cotton fitted sheets, our products are made from the finest materials and provide optimal comfort and support for a good night's sleep. Choose sustainability and make a conscious choice with our environmentally friendly solutions. Order today and enjoy a wonderful night's sleep on wool!

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KiCo Label Deken boucle circle

Price €59.95

KiCo Label blanket boucle circle. A lovely soft blanket made of 100% wool in a circle boucle design. The blanket has a double layer so it is nice and warm for your little one. Wool breathes and does not sweat, so you stay perfectly at body temperature. Material: 100% woolColor: Beige

KiCo label footmuff

Price €79.95

Kico Label footmuff color natural. This footmuff is multifunctional and can be used on both sides. Suitable as a footmuff, sleeping bag, or as a wonderful blanket to cradle your baby. It is made of 100% felted wool and on the inside 100% linen. The nice thing is that you can also turn this...